fig deviled eggs

My Egg-celent Adventure with Ohio Eggs Part 2Topped with prosciutto and balsamic glaze, these Fig Deviled Eggs are a slightly sweet and oh-so-fabulous twist on a classic.

Last week, I shared my adventure to Columbus with the Ohio Poultry Association when I had the chance to tour the brand new Bob Evans’s headquarters, step inside an actual egg farm – where I learned that Ohio is the second largest egg producing state in the country – and eat so much fabulous food that my jeans were protesting by the end of the three day trip. Continue reading

grapefruit mimosa + video

Grapefruit Mimosa by Jelly ToastTry a light and refreshing Ruby Red Grapefruit Mimosa. These Spring cocktails are perfect for any Easter or Mother’s Day brunch!

I have to apologize for being a procrastinator. You see, this is a recipe that I’ve been sitting on for a while now and am just getting around to sharing it with you. I feel like I’ve let you down because this is truly one of my favorite simple cocktails.

I’m just glad I’m able to share it with you before Easter weekend. This sweet, ruby red grapefruit mimosa has “brunch” written all over it. Plus, it’s possibly the most gorgeous cocktail I’ve made in a while. The blushing pinkish peach color is to die for. Continue reading

marshmallow easter eggs

Marshmallow Easter Eggs by Jelly ToastMarshmallow Easter Eggs are festive, no-bake treats that the whole family will love!

It’s the Monday before Easter and this past weekend we were shocked with a burst of warm weather. It feels foreign to be able to open windows and hear birds singing. To wander outside without zipping tiny coats and pulling on hats and mittens. It’s the very best kind of strange.

The arrival of true Spring weather gave me the urge to make something sweet and happy in the kitchen. Something that would bring to mind colorful tulips, warm breezes and exciting Easter egg hunts. Marshmallow Easter Eggs were just the thing I needed.  Continue reading

smoked salmon deviled eggs

Smoked Salmon Deviled Eggs by Jelly ToastSmoked Salmon Deviled Eggs are a simple, and savory twist on the classic Easter deviled egg recipe. 

I’ve loved deviled eggs for as long as I can remember. Every Easter as a child, my grandma or great-grandma would make a big batch of deliciously classic deviled eggs and last year, I shared my deviled eggs which is basically a slightly modified version of that fabulous deviled egg recipe that I grew up with. I would fill my plate with three or four eggs, and not worry to much if I got a lot of anything else. I was all about the eggs. Continue reading

how to dye easter eggs + a video

How to Dye Easter Eggs by Jelly ToastMy memories of dyeing Easter eggs as a child are extremely vivid. It’s as if they’ve been etched into my mind, never to fade. The look of the eggs, the feeling of sitting at the table with my brothers and sister and even the tangy smell of vinegar that permeated the air while we worked is something that I remember as if it were yesterday. My mom would clear off our large kitchen table and set one paper towel at each place. On top of every paper towel, she would place one teacup. Our egg dyeing teacups were a special set of teacups that she only pulled out for dyeing eggs. We never saw them for the rest of the year, yet we never used any other vessel for dunking our eggs. It was a tradition. Continue reading

malted chocolate pot de creme

Malted Chocolate Pot De Creme (6 of 7)Malted Chocolate Pot de Creme are sweet, simple and an unexpected way to infuse your dessert with scrumptious malted milk. 

I make no secret about my love for Fall and Winter. Yes, even winters like this one. For as much snow and wild weather that we had, it didn’t bother me. I actually liked it. I loved it, actually. The snow days let me stay in and snuggle the kiddos, and also allowed us to go sledding, skiing, build snowmen and snow forts. Continue reading

easter brunch round up

I thought with Easter just a couple of days away, I would put together a little round up of some recipes that would fit perfectly into your Easter meal. I also know that (if you’re anything like me) you don’t have time for lengthy chatter today. You have been assigned a ‘dessert’ and you need a recipe ASAP. With that in mind, I’ll keep my mindless yammering to a minimum and get straight to the good stuff: Continue reading

queen salad

With less than a week until Easter, I am definitely hoping that Mother Nature gets the memo that it is, in fact, Spring. I woke up yesterday morning to several inches of snow on the ground and absolutely zero motivation to leave my house.  Seriously, none.

I had had the whole day planned. The kiddos and I would wake up, go to the library, come home and make a little treat, pick up the basement (which looked to be a recent victim of a glitter and foam sticker bomb), work out, menu plan, write a grocery store and Costco list, and then make dinner all while untangling My Little Pony hair and teaching the Buddy how to spell ‘extravaganza’. Continue reading

loaded candy cookie bars

Do you know that feeling that you get when you’re walking through the grocery store and you come upon the giant seasonal candy display? Heart’s all a flutter, curiosity is piqued and you can’t quite help yourself from going over to see what those Willy Wonka type masterminds have come up with this year. Any of this ringing a bell?

Perhaps it’s just me. Continue reading

my deviled eggs

If there is one food that screams Easter to me, it’s deviled eggs. I’m positive that I’m not alone. What else are you supposed to do with all of your delightfully dyed eggs?

When I was little, I always remember my Great-Grandma Scheuer making deviled eggs on Easter. They were delicious and one of the items that I looked forward to all year. To this day, I still pile my plate high with 3-4 eggs at our Easter brunch.

I like to pop ‘em like Tic-Tacs. Continue reading