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smoked salmon dip + everything bagel chips | Food Fanatic

A bagel and cream cheese is one of those combinations that I will assuredly never tire of. And what’s funny is when it comes to combinations of bagels and cream cheese, people (at least in my world) can seem to be as particular about how they take their bagel as they are about how they take their coffee. They like it to be toasted, not toasted, buttered, extra cream cheese or ‘egg bagel all the way’. People can get down-right funny about their bagels.
Have you ever had lox and cream cheese on a bagel? I had never even heard of such a thing until I was in college and was introduced to the combo by my husband (then boyfriend). It seemed so odd to me (what can I say? I was 19 and I had yet to totally embrace my inner foodie) but after trying it, I was hooked. Not hooked enough to give up my beloved everything bagel with strawberry cream cheese, but enamored none the less.

Ever since then, I have been fascinated with anything having to do with smoked salmon. Including this incredibly addicting smoked salmon dip with everything bagel chips. This dip is such a delightful snack (and by delightful I mean a snack so good I found myself hunkered over the counter eating it by the spoonful) that it would fit perfectly into the menu for your next brunch or cocktail party. It’s my little marriage of my husband’s and my own favorite bagel orders. A marriage of bagels, if you will. See? I can be romantic. Well, as romantic as talking about bagels can get, I guess.

Pop on over to Food Fanatic for the Smoked Salmon Dip Recipe! You can grab the Everything Bagel Chips recipe while you’re there, too 🙂

Happy Weekend!!

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3 comments on “smoked salmon dip + everything bagel chips | Food Fanatic”

  1. I, too, was exposed to lox later on in life – but I can’t get enough of it nowadays! This dip sounds amazing =)

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