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kiddo bloggers (1 of 5)Clearly, this whole food blogging thing is rubbing off on my children. The Buddy and The Baby are now playing ‘Food Blogger’ multiple times a week – complete with setting up photo shoots and developing recipes, and a bit of web design (using crayon and paper). This is a photo of The Buddy taking a photo. And now the universe will implode…or something like that. kiddo bloggers (4 of 5)The Baby’s new thing is to take my iPhone and photograph everything around her – often while we’re at a restaurant. This includes, but is not limited to, cups full of sugar packets, small jams and my coffee. (photo credit: The Baby)kiddo bloggers (3 of 5)kiddo bloggers (2 of 5)They both have also been helping me in the food styling department. The other day when I was working on my Summer Squash Tartines, they happily stepped in to assist with the summer squash shots. kiddo bloggers (5 of 5)They were very thoughtful about the placement of each cherry tomato and rosemary sprig, and I gotta say, I’m pretty impressed with their results (see below). It must be the tiny hands that help out with that.

I have to admit that I’m rather proud that something that I am doing here is rubbing off on them and inspiring their creativity. Because, truly, that is what this blog is for me. An outlet of creativity. A place to express, create, inspire and in turn, to be inspired by all of you. I’m beyond blessed to have the most creative little kiddos on the planet. I’m not biased or anything.

Not at all. But I may want to put a serious ‘bragging mommy’ disclaimer on this post. squash tartine (1 of 10)Tomorrow, I’m leaving for my Food Photography Workshop and I am both nervous and excited. I hope I have my wits about me enough to soak in all that Helene, Tami and Mindi will teach. I will be Instagraming and Tweeting like crazy, so be sure to follow along!

Happy Thursday!!

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