Hi There, I’m Emily!
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Welcome to Jelly Toast

I’m a former art teacher turned food photographer and blogger with a passion for coffee and a super human ability to make messes wherever I go. Photography and food have been large parts of my life since my teenage years, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2012 that those two aspects of my life came colliding together helping me to realize that turning awesome food into pretty photos was where my heart lay.

Jelly Toast is all about what I cook at home for myself and for my family as well as a place where I like to explore new-to-me recipes in order to further my culinary education. Speaking of culinary education, I have zero. Well, zero formal training, that is. If you count 15+ years obsessively watching cooking shows and inhaling food magazines like they’re life blood, then I practically have a PhD in food. When I was a teenager, I would make my mom sit and watch cooking shows on Food Network and Martha’s old school show on PBS. I loved Martha’s old show and might possibly have a few VHS tapings of my favorite episodes lying around in my basement. Is that just me? Yes? Let’s move on before I embarrass myself.

This blog is a reflection of me and my style and like me and my style, it’s fun, a bit quirky and ever evolving. I tend get stir crazy and like to mix things up from time to time to keep it fun for everyone.

You might be wondering what types of recipes you’ll find here on Jelly Toast. The answer is, a little bit of everything. Cocktails, breakfast, and snacks are some of my favorite recipes to share, but you will also find simple, seasonal desserts (no giant layered cakes here) and easy weeknight meals. Oh, and eggs anytime of the day! Most of the recipes are healthy-isa and all of my recipes are seasonal – my cuisine most definite changes as the weather does!

Looking for something specific? Check out my fancy schmancy new recipe index for recipes by category or by ingredient.

In addition to publishing Jelly Toast, I am a contributor on Food Fanatic, where I share my favorite appetizer recipes and a food photographer for the amazing site, Oh My Veggies. Kiersten and her team totally rock it out over there and are my go-to source for all things meatless.

My Family
  • My husband and I have been married for almost ten years and he is the master mind behind some of the best recipes here on Jelly Toast. He is the cocktail master around these parts.
  • My little boy is 8 and I call him A or the Buddy around here. He is wicked smart and incredibly sensitive. He recently started Cut Scouts and he is totally hooked. He also takes piano lessons, has endless patience for his little sister and can operate a coffee machine like a boss. He is an aspiring food blogger and often blogs on his own private blog called Dessert Squash. He is truly the sweetest little guy around.
  • My little girl is 6, and I call her C or the Baby around these parts. She’s a feisty and fiercely independent princess who has the attitude and conversation skills of a 15 year old. She is an amazing artist and is totally Lego obsessed. She picks out the wackiest outfits that only she could pull off. The more color, glitter and patterns the better. She will be in Kindergarten next year and I’m pretty sure I will be entirely too lonely when she’ll be gone. I like to not think about that too much.
Fun Facts
  • I’m super short. I top out at 5’1” on a good day. Or rather, a frizzy hair day.
  • I’m an art teacher by training, but now stay at home with my kids and blog full time. It’s chaotic but I love every messy, sticky, busy minute of it
  • Fall is my true love. Sweaters. Cider. Newly Sharpened Pencils. Everything. Spring is a close second place.
  • I barely tolerate Summer. My hair does not. Summer and I are becoming closer
  • Speaking of hair, I recently decided to grow out my pixie hair cut and it’s been 5 months of agony and super awkward stages. I’m hoping things will become presentable come Summer. Just in time for the frizz to take hold.  I caved and cut it short again. I’m a fickle lady.
  • I’m insanely camera shy and have always felt more at home behind the camera than in front. But when I need to, I bite the bullet and get out there.
  • In addition to photography, I’m loving creating recipe and craft videos. They’re super fun and you can check out here on my YouTube page. Or over there in the side bar ——>
  • I am an abhorrent speller. Always have been. Brace yourself.
  • I have not mastered the clean-as-I-go cooking style, much to my husband’s chagrin. I have more of the don’t-step-there-because-I-just-dropped-an-egg kind of cooking style.
  • I can (and do) use “Friends” quotes in just about any situation. I apologize in advance.
  • I can (and do) drink caffeine at all hours of the day. But I’m trying to cut down a bit for my body’s sake.
Keep in Touch

Need to get a hold of me or have a question? Feel free to fill out this contact form or just email me {Emily Caruso} directly at jellytoastblog@gmail.com

You can find me on facebook and pinterest and twitter and instagram and Google.

I’m looking forward to seeing you again soon!