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healthy eating….part deux

I want to start by saying a huge and resounding ‘thank you’ for all of the awesome feedback and support you all have shown for yesterday’s post. It was something that just flowed and felt so right, and I’m beyond thrilled that you are excited about the healthy shift on Jelly Toast as much as I am.

I thought I would write a follow up post with a few further thoughts about what I spoke (at length) about yesterday. I also want to share with you some light recipes that were already hiding around in my recipe box. I discovered, after spending some serious quality time with my WW recipe builder and my recipe index (the little link is above if you want to check it out) that I have already posted several light and healthy options that I wasn’t fully aware of at the time.Those sneaky little recipes.

Anyway, I figured I would round up some recipes from the archives with updated WW info for you in case you want to take a peek. I also will be rounding up (I’m starting to sound like a weed killer) a list of my favorite healthy blogs that I turn to for recipes and inspiration all the time. If you don’t already know them, I’m positive you’ll love them all.

First things first…

My thoughts:

I realized, after writing yesterday’s manifesto of sorts, that I have a few recipes (3 maybe?)  that I have made, photographed and scheduled to post (both on my site as well as some of the other sites I contribute to) that don’t really fall onto the new path I’m traveling. They’re going up anyway, because frankly, they’re delicious and as I said before, I’m a firm believer in moderation and an occasional splurge will happen from time to time. Plus, they’re done and finished, and well…it was a lot of work.

I will however, try to give some recommendations on ways to lighten up the recipes (if it’s needed).

Because of these straggler recipes, it might take a couple of weeks to completely move things to the healthier road. Just know that most new posts I’m working on will begin to reflect the ‘new way’. I should come up with something to call this, so I don’t have to keep saying that. Any suggestions?

Why did I say that ‘most new posts’ will be light? Here are my thoughts on that:

As far as cooking for my kids goes, they eat what my husband and I eat for dinner every night. I’m not a short order cook who cooks up a half a dozen things for everybody’s changing mood. I’d go nuts if I tried to keep up with that.

That being said, my kids are tiny kids. When I make a recipe that is just for them (lunch, breakfast, snacks, drinks, etc) those recipes aren’t necessarily light.

I’m a strong believer that a program like Weight Watchers is more of a lifestyle change than a ‘diet’. So, while I don’t feel like I’m on a diet, my kids are growing kids (3 and 5 and both on the tiny side), who need healthy calories from foods that I, myself, wouldn’t  necessarily choose to work into my daily eating. For instance, I give them full fat Greek yogurt in place of the fat free Greek yogurt I eat. They drink whole milk, while my husband and I drink skim.

You get the drift. Also, apparently we eat a lot of dairy.

That being said, I will occasionally post a lunch, snack or treat that I made particularly for my kiddos, and those may or may not be super ‘light’. I will still include the WW points for those of you, like me, who want to sneak a nibble.

Annnnddd, I’m done. At least for now. On to the round ups!

Light Recipes From the Archives (this will be a growing list):

Fall Minestrone – 6 Points+

Raspberry Applesauce – 3 Points+

Meringue Nests with Basil Scented Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote – 3 Points + (if you replace whipped cream with fat free whipped topping) 5 Points+ as written

Squash Apple Bake – 3 Points+

Roasted Cauliflower with Breadcrumbs – 3 Points+

Cranberry and Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal – 5 Points+

Slow Roasted Tomato Marinara Sauce – 2 Points+ (per half cup of sauce)

Italian Turkey Meatballs – 6 Points+ (4 meatballs and 1/2 cup of sauce)

Veggie Enchiladas – 6 Points+ (per enchilada)

My Favorite No-Knead Bread – 2 Points + (for 1/8 of a 1lb loaf)

Mint Mocha Meringues – 2 Points+ per cookie

I will add to this list, as I continue to comb through the archives in search for the light fare.

To wrap things up today, here is the list of my favorite blogs that are packed with healthy options:

Skinny Taste
Oh My Veggies
Lemon Bowl
Cookin Canuck
101 Cookbooks
Oh, She Glows

Thanks so much, my friend, for traveling with me. I guess I need to learn to be a light packer. Get it? Traveling…..packing….light…?

*crickets* Ahem….

Moving on…

Tomorrow, I have a super fun party idea for your kiddos, no matter what their ages!

Until then, have a wonderful Tuesday!!

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2 comments on “healthy eating….part deux”

  1. Thanks for the great WW recipes! Real food- real yummy!

  2. I LOVE that you’re going down a “new” path!! That being said, I don’t think you need to refer to it as a new path any more. It’s your path. I think you just continue to post whatever food you make and that strikes your fancy whether it be mint mocha meringues or brownies with mint mocha buttercream!! I can’t wait to see what that fancy is!!