Pineapple Kiwi Shrub

Pineapple Kiwi Shrub - refreshing and unexpected mocktail for Summer!

Hey there and happy Monday!

You guys, I have had this recipe in my blog dashboard for about 2 weeks and am just getting around to posting! I wish I could blame it on being “just so busy!” but really, I think I have shiny object syndrome. Like I can pay attention to something for about 10 seconds until something shiny runs by and then I’m gone. I have the focus of a 5 year old and lately my brain has been particularly random.

Do you have similar struggles? Maybe? Possibly?

At the risk of being beyond cliche, can we have a quick chat about the weather? This past weekend was beyond gorgeous here in Ohio. 70 degrees and sunny! This was the most fabulous weekend we’ve had in quite some time, seeing as how the previous weekend we got 6 inches of snow. That’s the Midwest for you.

But seriously, this weather has gotten me SO excited for warm weather food! We have our new grill up and running and boy I have I missed grilling! We are entering the season of “Grill All The Things!”

I couldn’t be happier <3

But, to go with all that grilled goodness, we need to have some festive summer beverages, right? I am getting into my seasonal kick of shrub making. If you haven’t tried a shrub it’s basically a fruit and vinegar syrup that’s used as the base of a drink. I prefer a cold method of shrub making, and while a bit time consuming, it’s especially all hands off time. The mixture of fruit, sugar, and vinegar sounds flat out bizarre, but the vinegar brings a tanginess and thirst-quenching characteristic that is unmatched by other refreshing coolers. Shrubs can be spiked with some gin or some vodka, but honestly, I they’re awesome without. Plus, the kiddos get into the tangy fruit flavors and it’s fun to have some kid friendly drinks around.

This pineapple kiwi shrub is my newest version, having gone for strawberry, blackberry peach, or raspberry in the past. This year, I’m breaking out of my comfort zone of berries! I have been on a serious kiwi kick, so I used kiwis along with some seriously sweet fresh pineapple and the pineapple kiwi shrub syrup turned out lovely, and delicately subtle. The cider vinegar mellows out after several days in the fridge and softens in it’s flavor. Still tangy, but less sharp.

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