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le creuset sugar pink heart cocotte giveaway

Le Creuset Valentines Pink Heart Cocotte Giveaway |

This giveaway is generously provided by Le Creuset.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Before you run off to your calendar app in a panic, don’t worry. You didn’t miss it. In fact, it’s not quite here yet, with it still being January and all. But here’s the thing: I have a super special Valentine’s Day present for you: A Le Creuset Sugar Pink Heart Cocotte Giveaway! Yup, and there is a back story at how special this giveaway is, too.

Le Creuset Valentines Pink Heart Cocotte Giveaway |

A few months ago, I was contacted by Le Creuset to develop a two Valentine’s Day inspired recipes featuring their gorgeous Sugar Pink Heart Cocotte. I had to pinch myself a bit, because photographing for Le Creuset is pretty much my dream. Le Creuset is such an iconic cookware. Not only is every piece they make stunning to look at, but it’s the absolute workhorse of my kitchen. I can do without fancy shoes or beautiful manicures – but do not even try to separate me from French oven, because it just isn’t happening.

For my two recipes I made Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding (seen above) and French Onion Soup with Wild Mushrooms (seen below). Both recipes are perfect for a Valentine’s date at home. In fact, I’ll be making another batch of the Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding for my kiddos to enjoy for their V-day treat.

Le Creuset Valentines Pink Heart Cocotte Giveaway |

Now here’s the wild part. This Sugar Pink Heart Cocotte is sold out online. Yup, that’s right. These have been so popular, the online inventory is gone. Here’s some good news, though: you can still pick up your very own at a local Le Creuset Signature Store. But again, they’re going fast, guys, so hurry!

And here’s the very best news of all: Le Creuset is going to be giving one lucky Jelly Toast reader their very own Sugar Pink Heart Cocotte and it will arrive before Valentine’s Day! I know, I know. I’m bursting with excitement.

Le Creuset Valentines Pink Heart Cocotte Giveaway |

This Sugar Pink Heart Cocotte is part of their matte collection and it has a shimmery pink sheen that is utterly beautiful in person. It’s the perfect 2 quart size for making recipes to feed 2-4 people. It’s seriously so adorable and beautiful and I just love it!.

This Giveaway is over and the winner will be contacted shortly. Thank you to all who entered!


And because I love simple giveaways and not making you sign up for a bunch of social media stuff (you’re welcome), all you have to do to enter is leave one comment on this blog post telling me what you will make in your Sugar Pink Heart Cocotte on Valentine’s Day. The giveaway is limited to US residents only and you must be 18 years old to enter.  Giveaway will end Tuesday, January 27 at 8:30 PM EST and the winner contacted immediately after via email. 

Because of the quick giveaway, the winner will need to respond with their mailing address (no PO boxes) info within 24 hours or a new winner will be chosen. This is to ensure that the prize arrives in time for Valentine’s Day.  

Good Luck and Happy Early Valentine’s Day!!

Le Creuset Valentines Pink Heart Cocotte Giveaway | (8 of 12)

Disclosure: I was paid to develop and photograph recipes featuring the Le Creuset Sugar Pink Heart Cocotte for the Le Creuset website and Le Creuset is generously providing this giveaway.

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290 comments on “le creuset sugar pink heart cocotte giveaway”

  1. Chocolate souffle! Strawberry crisp! All the pretty things!

  2. Chocolate soufflé!

  3. Rum and chocolate bread pudding – my husband’s favorite!

  4. The first thing I would make a batch of chili because it’s one of my man and my favorite winter meals 🙂

  5. Sweets made with love.

  6. OK ~ FIRST I’m going to attempt that amazing-looking Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding! 🙂 But right after that, Oeufs en Cocotte (a large version!) 🙂

  7. Oh, gosh, how darned cute is the pink?!

    I would make moussaka to start. Or maybe a simple Shepherd’s Pie.

  8. I am going to make some apple crisp and possibly french onion soup. 🙂

  9. I’d love to bake some King cake bread pudding. A Mardi Gras dessert in a Valentine’s Day cocotte. Best of February!

  10. Bread pudding – my favorite!! These are so cute!

  11. Yum-I’d love to make that french onion soup!

  12. I would make vegetable soup!

  13. How fun would a heart shaped bread be?! How cute!

  14. French onion soup!

  15. Baking from scratch is on my “Baking Bucket List” for 2015! I am defintely going to try the Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding recipe above and take a crack at a Banana Bread Cobbler (one of my favs). Taking culinary chances this year 🙂

  16. Red velvet cake for my sweetie, his favorite!

  17. Sweet potatoe souffle!

  18. I am thinking some chocolate fondue would be lovely!

  19. Tiramisu!

  20. mushroom risotto!

  21. I would make a batch of gooey brownies in it!

  22. I think I’d make a souffle to split with my sweetie! He’d love it!

  23. i had another answer in mind until i thought about your cinnamon roll bread pudding. YUM!

  24. My boyfriend loves vegetarian shepherd’s pie so that’s what I’d make him for Valentine’s Day!

  25. I would make a nice small roast with the veggies for me and my Valentine!

  26. I think I would make a chocolate poke and pour cake in it…each bite giving you a pocket of warm chocolate pudding.

  27. Oh, I am bursting with excitement as well. I am thinking I will make either a coq au vin for two. Or maybe I will go sweet with a gooey chocolate pudding cake!

  28. So cute! I’d make a chicken pot pie or a heart shaped loaf of bread!

  29. I’d love to see my Strawberry Souffle with White Chocolate Sauce rise and puff in glory from this ‘pretty in pink’ Sugar Pink Heart Cocotte from Le Creuset. But I’ve got to say, Emily, your Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding looks divine!

  30. I think I’d make a creamy rice pudding!

  31. Carmel Apple crisp!

  32. Chocolate fondue with tons of things to dip. Or maybe a chocolate lava cake.

  33. A mixed berry cobbler! Love the pink.

  34. I think some kind of flourless chocolate cake with raspberry sauce would be perfect. 🙂 But I totally want Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding too!

  35. I’d have to make a chocolate lava cake. Because chocolate.

  36. I would make a delicious apple crumble! These are adorable!!!!

  37. These are adorable! I’d love to make shepherd’s pie in them.

  38. Because my bday is Feb 17 I would make myself Cajun Chicken and Rice…so delicious, one pot meal!

  39. What you made sounds sooo good and looks sooo delicious in your Le Creuset Pink Heart Cocotte. I would attempt to make the same!

  40. French onion soup!

  41. I think I’d love to try a souffle in that! Thank you for the giveaway 🙂

  42. Lovely!

    I’d love to make a sticky toffee pudding!

  43. I would make soup for my sweetie!!!

  44. These are so cute! I would make a date-night-at-home recipe like french onion soup or coq a vin!

  45. Boeuf bourgignon! I’ve never made it, but always wanted to try.

  46. I would make a soup … or just leave it out for hubby to make something in it since he is the cook. He would have plenty of opportunities to impress using the Cocotte that week with our anniversary, my birthday and Valentine’s all happening. 😉

  47. I would make a huge tomato, veggie, and sweet potato stew for myself and loved ones!

  48. I would bake a chocolate molten cake for the valentine in my life, my wife of 15 years!

  49. Pinch of patience & kindness, dash of inspiration and sprinkle of encouragement = homecooked dishes made with love YEAR round! I don’t believe there should only be one day to honor the four letter world that keeps the world spinning – it’s a daily celebration!

  50. The way to a mans heart is through his stomach, so I would definitely have to make my hubby’s favorite… Gumbo.

  51. I would make something chocolate and decadent in it, like a fudgy chocolate cake.

  52. What a pretty dish! The first thing I would make is macaroni and cheese!

  53. Id make so many beautiful meals including a roast with winter vegetables!<3

  54. I would make my favorite chili!!!

  55. I might bake a heart shaped shepherds pie!

  56. I would make the cinnamon swirl bread pudding 🙂

  57. I would make a red velvet bread pudding, it would look beautiful in this pot!

  58. I would make white chocolate molten cake for my valentine 🙂 Thank you for the chance!

  59. Jambalaya!! It’s Mardi Gras season!

  60. We will make bouillabaisse! I think it would look beautiful in there!!

  61. i would make curry!! I love love love curry! There is nothing better than a snuggly warm evening, a glass of wine and shot curry 🙂

  62. I think I would make apple crisp 😉

  63. An apple crisp! My hubby’s favorite!

  64. I would make some loaded baked potato soup

  65. Cheese soufflé and chocolate panda cota!

  66. I would love love this!!! I would make some jambalaya!! Then the possibilities are endless

  67. beef burgundy! Thank you for the giveaway!

  68. Absolutely anything would be wonderful cooked in this, and with a whole lot of love.

  69. this post just made my heart smile! <3. I will definitely be making my lentil soup in this for the snowy weather

  70. Those are so cute! I think I would make chocolate soufflé. 🙂

  71. I’m torn between making a sweet treat or that delicious-looking onion soup! I guess I’d have to make both. 😀

  72. I love these!! The options are endless, but I would start off with a chocolatey dessert, like a lava cake first!

  73. Baked French Toast Casserole or a White Chicken Chili

  74. I think I’m in love! The ideas of what to make with these is limitless, but the first thoughts that come to mind are braised short ribs, and a chocolate soufflé.

  75. a vanilla souffle, with raspberries and whipped cream.
    thank you for making this simple! i don’t enjoy other bloggers making you like this and that, sharing and linking.

  76. Crab mac and cheese for my honey of six years! 🙂

  77. A new recipe I’ve been dying to try: Salted Caramel Apple Pie Biscuit Bites!!!

  78. I would make the Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding from their site.

  79. A warm soup to celebrate the (by that point) near end of winter.

  80. SO CUTE! I think I would have to make chicken and dumplings for Valentines Dinner, since that’s the hubby’s favorite. 🙂

  81. Red wine ~ Cinnamon ~ Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Sauce ~

  82. Mole is a labor of love that makes my husband’s tummy smile and it has chocolate in it 🙂 That would be the first thing I would make in such a beautiful Le Creuset for this Valentine’s Day.

  83. I would love to make your Cinnamon Swirl bread pudding! Anything would be beautiful.

  84. Chocolate Mousse!

  85. I’d have to start with my favorite Baked Potato Soup.

  86. I would make a chocolate bread pudding with a caramel and Irish Cream sauce. It’s making me hungry just thinking about it 😉

  87. This is just SO adorable! I’d make an overnight French toast bake!

  88. I would make a chocolate cake. It’s amazing how baked goods turn out in Le Creuset.

  89. This is just gorgeous!! I need this in my life! And I know I’ll be making that scrumptious cinnamon swirl bread pudding in it for sure. That sounds SO good!

  90. I would make my husband’s favorite five cheese risotto.

  91. Roasted Cornish Game Hens and Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

  92. My house is decorated in pink & white hearts from my daughter’s 1st birthday party and I plan to leave it all up for Valentine’s Day. These pretty pots will match perfectly. I would bake an overnight creme brûlée French toast in them!

  93. Chicken and veggies, then bread pudding!

  94. Baked Ricotta Dip;) YUM!

  95. I would try a chocolate souffle! Mostly because I’ve never made a souffle and it looks like the perfect pot to try it with!

  96. I was gonna say chocolate bread but cinnamon swirl sounds delicious

  97. A delicious red curry- my husband’s favorite

  98. It’s still very cold here on Valentine’s Day, so I’d make a “low and slow” beef bourguignon in this pretty heart cocotte.

  99. souffle

  100. My husbands favorite chocolate chip cookies…in a heart shaped cake form!!!

  101. I will make a chocolate lava cake for the hubby and four boys!

  102. My valentine has been begging for me to try making French onion soup…one of his faves! This and your recipe may just get me motivated to make it happen!

  103. Chicken tortilla soup and then something chocolate. 🙂

  104. I would make that Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding for sure! That looks amazing!!! My whole family would love it!

  105. Homemade chicken noodle soup for two 🙂

  106. Something sweet for sure. My first attempt at chocolate soufflé? Perhaps!

  107. What a great giveaway! I’d make my husbands favorite, tomato soup.

  108. I don’t even know What I would make! Probably chicken noodle soup to start!!

  109. Black bean soup!

  110. It just l

  111. I would make the cinnamon swirl bread pudding, it looks so yummy.

  112. Dark chocolate souffle. Oh, or a berry crisp!

  113. I must try your cinnamon swirl bread pudding bread recipe

  114. Winter Apple Bread Pudding for my sweetest love – my grandgirl!

  115. I will make apple and raspberry crisp! YUM!

  116. I would make a lovely Tomato Basil Bisque.

  117. I’d make Jolof Rice, spicy for a spicy holiday! 😉

  118. Definitely a chocolate soufflé!

  119. I would make chocolate souffle for sure!

  120. Chocolate pudding from scratch– my sweetheart’s favorite.

  121. Maybe a nice chicken soup, maybe a flourless chocolate lava cake

  122. i would make raspberry cobbler.

  123. Nutella bread pudding 😀

  124. I’d make lamb osso bucco mmmm

  125. I’d make a nice breakfast strata for a Valentine’s brunch!

  126. These are so cute. I probably would do sweets. My husband loves meat and potatoes; so, I would probably do stew and bake mashed potatoes in the little dishes.

  127. Apple crisp!

  128. I would definitely make my signature apple crisp in this beauty! It would be the perfect Valentine’s Day surprise for my boyfriend since he’s been begging me to make it for him!

  129. Im thinking a nice thick potato cheese soup then something red velvet would look yummy !

  130. I would make bread pudding for my fiancé! How adorable are these!!!

  131. Holy adorable-ness! This is the sweetest thing! I love baking no knead bread in our current much loved Le Creuset pan. I’m pregnant with twins and he just loves bread. Yay, carbs!

  132. I would make potato leek soup.

  133. A chicken pot pie for my hunky honey

  134. What a pretty in pink piece. If I won I’d make a lemon soufflé!

  135. Berry cobbler

  136. I think I would make a Mac n’ Cheese, but not an ordinary one. I have this book called ‘Melt’ and in there is a recipe called ‘Red Hawk Macaroni and Cheese with Prosciutto and Raspberry Jam’ (which is also on her site!) which sounds like it would be strange but is fantastic and Greg likes it a lot.

    I don’t know if a link is allowed but here it is:

  137. Something sweet. It’s so pretty. I love the color. I live in a house of testosterone so some pink here and there is necessary.

  138. I would make a chocolate cherry bread pudding! Also old-fashioned chicken stew. These are gorgeous!

  139. I think your cinnamon swirl bread pudding looks delicious, bet both the husband & kids would LOVE it. These are so cute! Thanks for featuring them 🙂

  140. Whoa these are SO adorable!!! This is super lame, but my man looooves tuna noodle casserole (I know!). So I’d probably make that and pretend it’s fancy. 🙂

  141. Something with oysters

  142. Shortribs. For sure they way to my husband’s heart.

  143. Coffee cake, it’s so delicious! 🙂

  144. Tres Leches bread pudding.

  145. I would make some of my special cinnamon bread pudding for my two sons.

  146. I’d make brownies!

  147. Cinnamon Swirl bread pudding…

  148. My husband loves bread pudding – I would make your Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding!

  149. I love the looks of the cinnamon swirl bread pudding you have in the picture.

  150. Sweet!

  151. Chocolate lava cake!

  152. Chocolate Lava Cake

  153. Homemade mac & cheese!

  154. Braised lamb, my husband’s favorite!

  155. These are so cute!! I would love to put some Mac and Cheese in one!

  156. Chocolate soufflé or chocolate bread pudding.

  157. I would make bigos, a polish stew with sauerkraut and several meats.

  158. i would give it to my daughter so she could make something for her and her new fiancé!!

  159. Happy Happy Joy Joy,Pink Le Creuset!

  160. I would make beef stroganoff, my families favorite meal.

  161. First I’d make a loaf of my husbands favorite bread. Then I’d make a pretty heart cake. The a pot of his favorite pasta sauce. What a pretty table it would be.

  162. Molten chocolate lava cake

  163. Oh my word. I so seriously need this, seeing how I’m a pink freak and a Le Creuset freak. Ummm…that bread pudding looks fabulous and my husband would love it. Assuming I would stop staring at the cookware long enough to make something, that is.

  164. I think I will make my hubby’s favorite pasta dish!!! Thanks for this amazing give away!

  165. I would make potato soup.

  166. Hmmmm, something chocolate.

  167. I would make something chocolatey and delicious for my valentine!

  168. I would make lobster bisque, yum!

  169. My man is a meat-and-potatoes guy, so I’d make a hearty beef stew – a rich, deep-flavored one – that will knock his socks off.

  170. I would make chicken and dumplings. My husband`s favorite.

  171. Chocolate souffle

  172. I’d love to make Flourless Chocolate Cake with Raspberry Port Sauce! Thank you so much for the chance!

  173. I would love to win and bake a red velvet fudge cake with pink creme cheese frosting.

  174. How adorable is the pink cocotte? My heart screams “chocolate lava cake” and my head says “heart healthy citrus chicken with fresh herbs”. Hubby and kids say “BOTH!!” BTW..thanks for some great recipes and Happy Valentine’s Day.

  175. I would try your recipe for the Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding.

  176. Chocolate soufflé with fresh raspberries!

  177. Bread Pudding with lots of apples and cinnamon!

  178. I would make something sinfully gooey and oh so chocolatey.

  179. Something sweet that has some sort of Valentine’s Day color in it!

  180. I would make a vanilla bean creme brulee and a winter minestrone soup in my beautiful Le Creuset. So “heart” warming!

  181. Oh my! It’s soooo stinking cute! I would make creamy clam chowder for the loves of my life, my family 🙂

  182. So pretty! I would make a chocolate souffle in it. Love.

  183. Both of your recipes sound delicious! However, for Valentine’s Day, I would make my hubby’s favorite -lasagna. Mini lasagnas would be so adorable and ensure portion control too.

  184. We love breakfast, so I’d make breakfast souffle in it with sausage and lots of cheese!

  185. Bananas Foster Bread Pudding!

  186. who doesn’t love pink, the hearts are fabulous.
    I would make a apple cobbler.

  187. Soup pot beans! Pintos slow-cooked with onion, jalapeno and garlic to make a big batch of soupy deliciousness to be eaten throughout the week.

  188. I would be tickled pink! To use this pan set to cook for my hubby!

  189. I’d make a dessert for Valentine’s Day! ie: something chocolate-y and decadent 🙂

  190. Beef stew or bread pudding yummmmmm

  191. The first thing that I would make would be a Chocolate Souffle for my husband.  I would like to let him know how much I appreciate him, we have been together over 35 years and I would like to say thank you to him for all the wonderful years!  Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!

  192. i’d make my aunts recipe for the perfect northwest macaroni and cheese w/ king crab. 🙂

  193. I would make a gorgeous roast chicken…and then a few days later some Pistou Soup…..and more soup every week…..oh, and don’t forget the Meatballs in Sauce….and it goes on and on.  Love Creuset!

  194. I would make my homemade chicken soup!

  195. Peanut butter chocolate chip bread pudding!

  196. I think a deep dish cherry streusel pie would beautiful in this; my husband would be delighted.

  197. On Valentines day lobster bisque and cherrys and creme fresh is my go to meal for a romantic dinner. Le Creuset is perfect for soups and bisques.

  198. chocolate bread pudding

  199. Ooey gooey brownies 😀

  200. I’d make corn chowder in it.

  201. Cinnamon swirl bread pudding would be yummy!

  202. Either a fruit crisp or bread pudding! My valentine loves both of them.

  203. Cabernet Sauvignon Hot Chocolate!

  204. I will make ALL the things! This is gorgeous! I’ve always wanted to try a soufflé!

  205. I’d make a delicious vegetable soup!

  206. Chocolate molten dessert.

  207. It would be fun to try lasagne. Something chocolaty for dessert! 

  208. blackberry cobbler 

  209. Mac & Cheese; Peach Cobbler

  210. apple crisp 🙂

  211. I would make a fruit cobbler!

  212. baked mac n’ cheese!

  213. I would make banana  pudding !

  214. I would like to try a soufflé for the 1st time!

  215. Shepherd’s pie is the first thing I’d make

  216. mac and cheese!! Yum❤️

  217. I would make a chocolate cherry date torte and serve with fresh whipped cream that’s laced with cherry liquor

  218. I would make potatoes lyonnaise!

  219. cinnamon rolls with lots of icing

  220. There are so many yummy things I want to make you cinnamin bread pudding would be a perfect dessert.

  221. I would make clam chowder!

  222. I would make my dark chocolate soufflé with lavender whipped cream 🙂

  223. Red Velvet Cake topped with white icing hearts and edible silver glitter!  

  224. This is absolutely adorable! I would make a flour less chocolate torte in it. Thanks!

  225. Oatmeal with lots of butter and brown sugar. we always have oatmeal on Saturday mornings even when it’s Valentine’s Day!

  226. hi , i would make my mom’s cherry cobbler, yum. thanks so much

  227. Japanese curry with fingerling potatoes  and vegetables

  228. I’d love to make a chocolate soufflé. I love this!

  229. Potato soup. Yummy!

  230. This is so adorable!! I would LOVE to use this for anything but especially a chocolate raspberry cake for Valentines Day! 

  231. Heart-shaped Brioche!  <3

  232. I would make some stuffed shells in this Sugar Pink Heart Cocotte on Valentine’s Day.

  233. I would make lasagna or french onion soup in it for dinner. 🙂

  234. Orange Creamsicle Cookies 🙂

  235. I would make a chocolate Lava Cake!

  236. A loaf of the beautiful crusty french bread when you use Le Creuset for baking!

  237. This looks like a great size for making risotto!

  238. i would probably make a great pasta dish. That pot is gorgeous❤️

  239. I think I’d try making a chocolate bread for chocolate french toast 🙂

  240. I would make something that is sweet and has chocolate and strawberries in it. 

  241. I would love to use this for a special apple crisp for my sweeties:)

  242. Honestly, I won’t be making anything. You see, I can’t cook! But my husband? He is brilliant in the kitchen.  I am sure he would look really manly- and quite sexy- cooking me up something wonderful in this!!

  243. Cobbler!

  244. Something chocolatey!

  245. I would bake my fiance’s favorite dish shepherds pie or maybe a dessert a smore pie! What a great Valentine’s Day surprise it would be! 

  246. I would make a homemade mac n cheese with bacon and caramelized sweet onions.  That’s love in a bowl 😉 

  247. I would make a chocolate oozey cake for my partner- his favorite!


  249. A lovely accompaniment to our Valentines Day filet would be a scrumptious Chocolate Croissant Bread Pudding baked up in this gorgeous Le Creuset Pink Cocotte. Maybe a lovely vanilla bean sauce to top that pudding with and a bottle of Veuve Cliquot? A perfectly, romantic dinner at home for two! (Wishing and hoping…)

  250. Either Graham Cracker Pudding (my grandmother’s recipe) or a fluffy cheese soufflé

  251. A dark chocolate souffle, for sure!

  252. I would make chicken pot pie with cream cheese crust! 

  253. I would make my honey some some chicken and sausage gumbo to warm his Louisiana heart. 🙂

  254. A big ol’ pot of love… Spicy Thai curry soup!

  255. I would try Melanie’s Chipolte Chicken Lime Soup. Sounds delicious. Love the pink pot!

  256. Beautiful!! White chocolate fondue would be delicious!

  257. I will probably make a lot of things in this le creuset, but one for sure will be a rosemary pork soup. I don’t have a ‘set’ recipe for this soup, just the general idea of where I want to end up. It is one recipe I look forward to making quite often; it has been a darn cold and wet winter here in the panhandle of Nebraska. One of my major friends in the kitchen is a dutch oven, which I have used for over 20 years; ‘she’ has been there through making yeast dough, various soups, cooking beans and lots of experiments. I think she could use a little help in the workhorse department (so could I, right?), so I hope to win. Thank you for bringing this contest to us.

  258. How pretty! I think I’d make a great Shepard’s Pie ( one of our favorites). Then I’ll make a Chocolate Pudding Cake, I’ve loved it since I was a child. I’ll serve it with French Vanilla Ice cream for  my husband & homemade whipped cream for me. 

  259. I would make my husbands favorite, old fashioned baked custard with raspberry sauce.

  260. Hot Chocolate Lava Cake!

  261. I would attempt a chocolate souffle

  262. I would love to try making strawberry french toast in the cocotte for a Valentine’s brunch.

  263. A crusty loaf of bread!

  264. Would love to make melty brownies!

  265. Creme brule, bread pudding, custard, french onion soup!

  266. My husband’s absolute favorite meal is my homemade macaroni and cheese. I think I’d have to make that for him in that adorable cocotte! Thanks for the chance!

  267. I’d love to make my family your Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding – it sounds amazing!! 

  268. I would love to bake up a birthday cake for my mom – she was born on Valentine’s Day!

  269. What would I make? Well, that Cinnamon Swirl Bread Pudding is calling to me. Or more like yelling. 🙂

  270. I will be making a warming pot of chili – and it will be made with love IN the heart!

  271. I’d make potato soup!


  272.  I will make your onion soup with mushrooms in my sugar pink cocette! Looks delicious! Perfect for this cold weather!! LOVE, Katy xo

  273. I have yet to decide what to make my sweet on Valentine’s Day dinner but I would bake up a breakfast souffle in this baby for me and him. Breakfast in bed, for sure!

  274. Chocolate souffle!! Yum! Love this!

  275. What an amazing giveaway! I would make a chocolate soufflé and then some white chicken chili.

  276. The first thing I would make in this lovely dish would be chocolate cinnamon bread pudding – because why not start Valentine’s Day with a treat?

  277. That onion soup! It looks to die for!

  278. I think i would make a chocolate-y cookie!

  279. I’d make some dark chocolate and caramel monkey bread, for sure!

  280. Lava Brownie Cake or Chicken Enchilada Soup! Can’t decide; probably the cake though:)

  281. Korean beef short rib stew- family fave 

  282. Red velvet cheesecake with cream cheese rose frosting 🙂

  283. Ahhh i would make a Raspberry Souffle on the small little heart one and on the big one i would make Strawberry, Rhubarb and Blueberry pie. BUT WARM as its kinda still cold here in the high desert of victorville, ca… Oh yumm.

  284. I’ll make persimmon rice pudding.

  285. Oooh! So pretty!! I would either make monkey bread or chocolate lava cake!