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mini quiche bites with spinach, bacon + parmesan

So, there’s this little day called Mother’s Day just around the corner. You know…in case you had forgotten.

And if you’re family is like ours, brunch is what it’s all about. There is something about Easter and Mother’s Day that brings out the brunchiness in me.

I just Googled ‘brunchiness’ and it’s totally a word. Although, Googled is not, according to my spell check. My spell check and I rarely see eye-to-eye.
Anyway. This week, I have all sorts of interesting posts for you. Well, I have three. Four if you include yesterday’s cute little parfaits. Which I totally do, so I guess we’ll go with four!

Today, I’m sharing my recipe for these adorable Mini Quiche Bites with Spinach, Bacon and Parmesan over on Food Fanatic. They are filled with cheese, spinach, shallots and bacon. Yes, bacon! And the best part (besides tasting awesome)? They’re only 1 Weight Watchers points + a piece. Seriously.

That alone brings out my happy dance. Dances (plural) actually. I’ll dance for each little quiche bite. Why not, right?

They’re simple, delicious and can really be customized with whatever toppings you’re in the mood for. Plus, they’re perfect for your Mother’s Day Brunch.

There is something about eggs that really enhance the brunchiness of an event. I had to use it one more time.

Head on over to Food Fanatic for my Mini Spinach Quiche recipe with bacon and parmesan!

Happy Tuesday!


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3 comments on “mini quiche bites with spinach, bacon + parmesan”

  1. Brunchiness may be my new favorite word, thanks to you! Ha! These look wonderful, and super cute. Way better than the frozen ones the my mother-in-law buys for every. single. get together. 😉

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