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asparagus and goat cheese tart

About this tart…

First of all, it’s incredibly simple, elegant and delicious. Tangy and sweet with a bit of bite from the red onion. A play of both soft goat cheese, and crunchy, yet tender asparagus. All piled onto a flaky, buttery puff pastry crust.


If you were wondering (and if you’ve been following me this week) this Asparagus and Goat Cheese Tart is one of the recipes I had scheduled that I made and shot and edited a couple of weeks ago. It also, incidentally, is the last recipe photographed on my old Sony camera.

In case you’re keeping track.
While this isn’t traditionally what I consider to be a low calorie or light dish, it’s not an unhealthy option, either. It’s full of vegetables and has the benefits of healthy olive oil.

Plus, a little cheese never hurt anyone too badly.

But (there’s always a but) if I were to make this tart again this weekend, I would cut down on the portion size in order to still be able to enjoy this delectable Spring appetizer and still keep within my goals.

Everything in moderation.

What do I mean by cutting down on portion size? Well, let me tell you what my approach would be.

The recipe calls for the tart to be cut into 8 portions ( I’m going to Jedi-mind trick you about the 6 portions that are in the photos….did it work?) but you could easily cut this into 10, 12 or even more squares to share it with a larger crowd as a very sensible starter to your meal.

I took the liberty of figuring out the Weight Watcher’s Points+ values for several portion options. As the recipe reads, 1/8 of the tart is 7 points+, 1/10 of the tart is 5 points+, 1/12 of the tart is also 5 points+ (which in that case, I’d go for the 1/10 so you get to eat a bit more) and 1/16 of the tart is 3 points+.

See? With a bit of portion control, it’s totally possibly to enjoy any recipe at any party you might go to.

I just love that! (I said that in my Effie Trinket voice, did you?)

Speaking of Effie, I’m thinking I’ll dress like her for Halloween next year. That costume would probably be even more fabulous than my Katniss one from last year. Yes, I was a 30 year old Katniss and it was awesome.

Effie is on the same level of fancy as Joan.

I miss Joan.

(name the Friends episode)

Anyway, head on over to Food Fanatic for my Asparagus Tart Recipe!


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4 comments on “asparagus and goat cheese tart”

  1. Absolutely beautiful. Quintessentially Spring!
    I love simple – it’s often the best. Bravo!

  2. This is simply lovely! I adore a simple tart with fresh ingredients and this sounds like perfection. Love all the Hunger Games references 😉 and I can’t wait to see your Effie garb come Halloween. And the Phoebe quote as well 😉 The episode is “The One That Could Have Been” 🙂

  3. ohhh, so pretty…cheese, asparagus and onions atop pastry..yes please!

  4. This is simply gorgeous! We’d love to have you link it up with The Hopeless Housewife link party!