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black bean and pickled pepper appetizers

black bean pate with pickled peppers (4 of 7)A month or so ago, I found myself on a pickling spree. I was pickling all sorts of crazy things: peppers, fennel, onions, cauliflower and of course, cucumbers. I love pickles just as much (if not more) than the next girl, but there are only so many pickles one can eat before you can’t stand the sight of them. I needed to think outside the box for ideas to serve up these sweet and tangy but seemingly endless supply of pickles. black bean pate with pickled peppers (3 of 7)

I love pickles as a garnish, and figured these beautifully colored pickled peppers would make a stunning, not to mention bright and tart, garnish for a simple mashed black bean pate. The earthiness of the beans serves as a great base for these sweet pickled peppers. For my complete pickled peppers recipe and instructions on how to assemble these simple, elegant and addictive little Black Bean Pâté with Pickled Peppers appetizers, be sure to pop over to Food Fanatic!

Happy Saturday!!

black bean pate with pickled peppers (6 of 7)

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