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cream soda rum float

When it’s Friday and you need a simple and sweet cocktail, look no further than this 3 ingredient Cream Soda Rum Float. Plus, it doubles as a dessert – win win.

Cream Soda Rum Float |

Ok – I’m going to level with you. This is been a loooong week. Super long and insanely busy and frankly, judging by my google calendar, there is not a letup in the near future. Not that I’m complaining, I get to do what I love doing which is hang out with my kiddos and play with food and my camera all day. Not a bad gig.

Cream Soda Rum Float |

It’s in light of this crazy schedule that it dawned on me: share the quick and crazy cocktails that we throw together on nights where we are in the mood for a little cocktail, but honestly just want something simple and delicious. Enter Cream Soda Rum Floats.

Cream Soda Rum Float |

Oh yes, these boozy ice cream floats will float your boat. That was terrible, I apologize. I warned you it was a long week. There is nothing better after a long week than something sweet, fizzy and a bit boozy. It’s like dessert and a cocktail all in one. It’s a time saver, really. If you’ve never spiked an ice cream float, you need to do it now. Tonight.

Cream Soda Rum Float |

Obviously this is highly, highly adaptable, although I’m a total cream soda girl. Use your favorite soda, your favorite ice cream and play around with your alcohol of choice. The spiced rum works fabulously with the sweet cream soda.

So, join me tonight in this simple indulgence and pretty much the best way I can think of to kick off the weekend.

Cream Soda Rum Float |

Happy Friday!

cream soda rum float recipe

Yield: 1 float cocktail

Prep Time: 5 minutes


2 scoops vanilla ice cream
1 1/2 ounces spiced rum (I used Captain Morgan original)
1 bottle cream soda, chilled


Place ice cream in a tall glass. Top with rum and cream soda. Stir and enjoy!
August 15th, 2014

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4 comments on “cream soda rum float”

  1. Oh my goodness….totally trying this cocktail ASAP!!

  2. It’s Friday night and I just sat down after a very long day. I WANT THIS DRINK!