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game day round up

Turkey Sliders with Caramelized Onions

As you may have guessed, I am in the process of getting ready for the big game on Sunday. It’s on Sunday, right? I tend to breeze over the details like ‘what day is the game?’ and ‘Who’s playing in it, again?’

My focus is the food. The spread of delicious, messy, knock-your-socks-off food. If you’re still browsing around for recipes or in need of inspiration, I truly hope that I can be of some assistance to you. I have collected a few of my favorite game day recipes here that will hopefully get your inspirations flowing: 

 New Orleans-Style BBQ Chicken Wings
Italian Turkey Meatballs

 Turkey Tortilla Chili

Beer Brats with Sweet Potato Fries

Cracker Snack Mix
 Cucumber Rye Crostinis

 Peanut Free Puppy Chow

The Salty Dog

Phew, now my stomach is growling.

Still want more? Head on over to my Game Day Pinterest Board for even more awesomely delicious ideas for the big game.

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the game! Just don’t ask me who is playing, because I assure you, I have no idea.


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2 comments on “game day round up”

  1. Scrumptious roundup!!! My kids would LOVE the puppy chow!

  2. Thanks, Leslie! It is quite addicting 🙂