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Halloween Thoughts

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I’ve been slacking off on my Thursday Thoughts, and while I know it means no recipe today, I wanted to share with you a glimpse into how we do Halloween. Around our house, Halloween isn’t a one day event. It’s a let’s-see-how-many-times-we-can-wear-our-costumes week long extravaganza. It’s not that we do anything extraordinarily huge, but we usually find several occasions to do Halloween-y type things to draw it out a bit. I’m a lover of holidays, especially if it means dressing up in a wacky wig and making your kids dress like miniature yellow minions. Truth be told, they totally wanted to be minions. Honestly.

There was a period of time last week when I thought the baby was going pull a four-year-old and decide she wanted to be a princess at the last minute. That would just be my luck.

Thankfully, she happily dressed as a wacky minion (Dave, specifically for all you hard-core Despicable Me fans). And if you’re really up on your minions, the Buddy was two-eyed Phil.

Anyway, the kiddos made their rounds with their costumes, from Pre-school Trunk or Treat, to our family Halloween party and a very Spooktacular Symphony concert complete with kid activities before the show. The kiddos even got to play a few instruments. My inner band geek weeped with joy at the sight of the baby with her sweet little violin.

Who am I kidding? 10 years of band makes me an outer band geek and proud of it!

Rein it in, Em…

Here are a few pics of our week long Halloween festivities. I hope you and your family have a wonderful, happy and safe Halloween!

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Happy Halloween!!

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4 comments on “Halloween Thoughts”

  1. Love the glimpse into how other people celebrate. Sounds like such fun. All holidays should be drawn out as long as possible and it looks like you did a great job of that! That Minion costume is too cute.

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  3. Love the minion! And your costume is priceless!