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loaded candy cookie bars

Do you know that feeling that you get when you’re walking through the grocery store and you come upon the giant seasonal candy display? Heart’s all a flutter, curiosity is piqued and you can’t quite help yourself from going over to see what those Willy Wonka type masterminds have come up with this year. Any of this ringing a bell?

Perhaps it’s just me.

Well, I know I’m not entirely alone in this weakness.. My youngest is also afflicted, as she is drawn to that 5 foot tall, inflatable Easter Bunny just as much as I am.

It must be genetics.

As a result of my most recent splurge in the Easter candy aisle, I whipped up this batch of Loaded Candy Cookie Bars. These bars are packed full of Cadbury Mini Eggs, white and dark chocolate chips as well as mini marshmallows. The marshmallows get all toasty on top like a s’mores, too. *sigh*

What can I say? Apparently, pastel colored chocolate eggs and marshmallows bring out the 5 year old in me. I’m okay with it.

Pop on over to My Baking Addiction where I’m sharing my Loaded Candy Cookie Bar recipe and also talking the perils and pitfalls of the seasonal candy display.

Happy Thursday!!


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2 comments on “loaded candy cookie bars”

  1. You’re not alone. I totally feel the same way about the seasonal candy display. Great photos, by the way!