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marinated mushrooms

Marinated Mushrooms are a simple bite perfect for any holiday party!

This past weekend, my family kicked things off with our Christmas celebration. We gathered at my parents house and exchanged gifts and ate some fabulous pizza – which is now my very favorite Christmas food and I am voting that from here on out we have casual pizza Christmas every single year. Along with the pizza, we all brought an appetizer or dessert, nothing crazy elaborate and it took no coordinating of who was going to bring what, because seriously, who has time for that this time of year? Not me. We ended up bringing some fantastic sausage stuffed mushrooms (recipe coming soon!) and a batch of my Rum Glazed Pecans. I’m happy to report that they both went over very well with everyone.

Marinated Mushrooms are perfect for any cheese tray and will please any guest at your holiday party!

So now, I’m planning what to bring to my husband’s family celebration, and my Marinated Mushrooms Recipe have their names written all over them. They’re easy to make and can be made ahead of time. I always try to take into consideration that I’ll be cooking in someone else’s kitchen and plan my recipes accordingly. For instance, I wouldn’t plan on making a dish that uses lots of specialty cookware because it’s just not realistic. I like to pick simple recipes that are made from kitchen basics, but that are amped up in the flavor department. Plus, my in-laws live in the heart of mushroom land and have access to the most delicious mushrooms you’ve ever tasted. Yes, these Marinated Mushrooms will be perfect!

Merry Christmas!!

Throwing a cocktail party? Make these marinated mushrooms as a savory bite to accompany any meal!

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3 comments on “marinated mushrooms”

  1. Your celebration sounds perfect to me – love the idea of low key, pizza and these mushrooms! Hope you enjoy rest of the holiday week.

  2. I love mushrooms. I think I must have been a Baggins in another life. The idea of a low-stress pizza Christmas sounds perfect!! I love the fact that there was no pretense, just shareable deliciousness that was eaten with your favourite people. Gorgeous photos and great recipe Emily. Thanks! xx

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