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marshmallow strawberry shortcake

Marshmallow Strawberry Shortcake is a sweet, toasty and no-bake twist on a classic summertime dessert that is perfect for your Fourth of July celebration or any summer get together.

Marshmallow Strawberry Shortcake by Jelly Toast

We are officially into my birthday month and I have always had mixed feelings about that. Officially, I love my birthday and have never been one who yearns to stay young and hide my age. FYI, I’ll be 32 on the 11th. See? Doesn’t bother me. The mixed feelings come out when I consider the fact that July might very well be my least favorite month of the year.

What can I say? It’s the heat.

Well, actually the humidity. Humidity is just not a curly haired girl’s friend. It’s no fun walking around all month looking like a human cotton ball. It makes me want to close my eyes and stay that way until I feel the cool breezes of fall. I can’t help it, I’m a cold weather girl. A cold weather girl who is stuck with a summer birthday for all time. In the interest of looking on the bright side, there could definitely be worse things. So, while July is not my fave, I truly love some of the things that come along with summer, and I just try to focus on those. Things like BBQ’s, fireworks and of course, strawberries.

Strawberries by Emily Caruso

I love strawberries…love, love, love them.  After our strawberry picking adventure a couple weeks ago, I really had an urge to make some classic strawberry shortcake. You may as well make the best of the summertime, right?Strawberry by Emily Caruso

I thought it would be fun to play around with the classic strawberry shortcake and create a super simple no-bake version featuring poundcake and roasted, melty marshmallows in place of the whipped cream. Campfire® Marshmallows regular marshmallows worked wonderfully for this sweet, fruity treat. They are the perfect size and their hint of fresh vanilla pair perfectly with the freshly picked strawberries. I think I’ve had berries on the brain because last month I shared my roasted berry s’mores but this time, it’s all about fresh berries and warm toasty marshmallows.

Not to mention grilled poundcake.

Marshmallow Strawberry Shortcake by Jelly Toast

This dessert is so simple and takes next to no planning to put together. That’s what I love about it – it’s quick, simple but fabulously sweet and fresh. The perfect dessert for your Fourth of July cookout or any backyard BBQ you’ll have the rest of the summer.

There is something about this sweet Marshmallow Strawberry Shortcake that makes me forget all about the hot weather of the summer. Everything just falls into place and makes me smile.

What more could you ask for from a dessert?

Marshmallow Strawberry Shortcake by Jelly Toast

Happy Wednesday!

Disclosure: I have teamed up with Campfire® Marshmallows to share recipes and entertaining ideas using their product. This is a sponsored post created as a part of that partnership. All opinions are, as always, 100% my own. 

Marshmallow Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

Yield: 4 shortcakes

Prep Time: 15 minutes


2 cups strawberries, sliced
2 Tablespoons sugar (optional)
8 1/2 inch slices of frozen poundcake (not thawed - see notes)
8 Campfire® Marshmallows Regular marshmallows, cut in half


In a small bowl, combine strawberries and sugar, if using. Allow to sit for 5-10 minutes or until strawberries are juicy and soft (see notes).

On an indoor or outdoor grill, grill frozen poundcake slices until grill marks appear and cake is warm. Top each slice with 2 halves of a sliced marshmallow and toast using a kitchen torch (see notes). Top each slice with 1/4 cup of strawberries. Place one layer of cake, marshmallows and strawberries onto a second layer and serve!


Cutting poundcake when frozen makes it easier to slice and keeps the poundcake from falling apart on the grill.

Marshmallows can be roasted prior to placing onto poundcake depending on your preference.

If you are using very fresh, sweet strawberries, you can skip the sugar and mash the strawberries lightly with a fork to get the juices going.

July 2nd, 2014

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39 comments on “marshmallow strawberry shortcake”

  1. I feel the exact same way about humidity! But at least you can drown your sorrows in this gorgeous shortcake 🙂 And hopefully you can go swimming to make up for the heat. I am loving your marshmallow posts!

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  3. oohhhh.maaaah.goshhhhh. I’ve been thinking about grilled pound cake for the past couple weeks. Best summer dessert ever!!

    • You should definitely do it! I’m in a ‘grill all the things’ mode right now, lol. Thanks for stopping by, Kelli!

  4. Holy wow, love this!!

  5. Gorgeous photography! What a delicious treat!

  6. I don’t have much of a birthday phobia either. What will be will be…you can’t fight time or age, I say! I didn’t realize you have naturally curly hair! So do I, and I can totally comiserate with you on the humidity thing. Thankfully I live in a bone-dry area, but when I travel to humid places I just come to terms with the fact that my hair will look preeetty awful the whole time. Curly headed people unite!

    LOVE this shortcake! I love that you grilled the pound cake – I bet that gives it such nice texture! Must be trying this for the 4th!

    • Curly girls unite! My hair is a lost cause between June and August, it is straight up crazy, lol. I’m glad you like the shortcake!

  7. Another July birthday girl and month disliker checking in! These look awesome!

    • I’m so glad it’s not just me! People usually think I’m nuts for not liking a July birthday ~ plus, I NEVER got to take a treat into school for my birthday. Ugh. The injustices of the world… 😉

  8. great summer dessert!

  9. The perfect summer/Fourth of July dessert!!

  10. Wow! That is an incredible looking dessert. And I hear ya on the humidity of summer…this curly haired girl doesn’t like it either!!!

  11. Grilled poundcake–girl, you’re on fire! This recipe is so perfect for the hot summer months. I totally stumbled over to your blog because of Foodie Stuntman’s tweet that included both of us–and I’ll confess, because I loved your blog name so much, too. So whimsical! I’m super excited to be reading–discovering new, accessible blogs is half the fun of being a food blogger, right? So much love for this strawberry recipe right now. Happy fourth–looking forward to seeing you around now that we are on the radar! 🙂

    • That’s awesome, Ala! I’m so glad you found me over here 🙂 Foodie Stuntman is one of my new blogging friends and he’s so great! I am most definitely always on the lookout for new and inspiring blogs and I’m very glad to have ‘met’ you! Thanks so much for stopping by ~Emily

  12. This looks so good! SUCH a perfect summer dessert! And happy birthday month!

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  14. This looks so delicious and such a great idea!!

  15. this is such an awesome idea! definitely craving this right now, looks seriously good. love it!

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  26. Seriously, so gorgeous and just in time for the season!  Putting this on my list for the weekend!