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Mint Cookies and Cream Popcorn

Mint Cookies and Cream Popcorn |

Do you ever have a day (or week) that your brain just feels in a fog? No major incidents or events have happened but you just feel “off”. I’m feeling that way a bit this week. I typically shy away from chatting about my feelings beyond the surface level stuff here on JT, but I’m coming to realize that’s a problem in my real life, too. I often hide behind a smile and a joke. I put a lot of value in being pleasant and polite to people that I pass throughout the day. I go out of my way to be in a good mood for my family and be cheery for my kiddos. It’s my job and I’m thrilled to do it.

But there are times when I just need a moment to let that show of happiness slide and possibly shed a tear or two. A moment of quiet to sort out the thoughts that are battling in my brain and to refocus on the things that are real and true in my life.

Mint Cookies and Cream Popcorn |

Over the past couple of years, I’ve worked incredibly hard to learn all I can about food photography and food blogging. My skills will always be a work in progress but I’m thrilled to be able to say that it’s turning into my dream career. Now how does this tie into feelings of sadness?

Simply put, I’m a worrier. I second guess myself, constantly. And in the world of the internet and being slammed with information and comments and criticism and pressure (both real and in my head) I occasionally become incredibly overwhelmed. Am I working as hard as I can? How can I become more organized? Why can’t I keep my kitchen clean? Where did my favorite napkin go? What’s my style? Am I being authentic?

That’s a huge one for me. Well, that and the whole needing-to-get-my-butt-organized thing.

Mint Cookies and Cream Popcorn |

Because the thing is, without authenticity what do I have? I can only be me. Messy, scattered, disorganized me. Inspiration can be found in countless places, but in the end, I’m just me. It’s the worry that just me isn’t good enough that I start feeling like I have this week.

There are a few things that I’ve found that help me snap out of these moods. Distancing myself from the social media time suck is always helpful. Those places can be such a vicious circle of negativity and no one really needs that. But, the thing that I’ve found is the most helpful is to just take a break and do something different. Step back. Go outside. Get some fresh, albeit frigid, air. Do something different. Walk. Workout. Clear my head. Hug my kids. Hug my husband.

It’s these things that help drag me up out of the depths of my countless worries. I love being here on Jelly Toast – sharing the food in my life as well as silly stories and photos. I want you to know how much I look forward to sharing these things with you. And with any luck, I’ll be bounced back to feeling more like myself with refocused energy on embracing what I am. And what I’m not. Because that’s a big part of it, too.

What I’m not is a hardcore baker, and this Mint Cookies and Cream Popcorn is exactly my speed. It’s three ingredients, quick, and delicious. It’s a dessert that helps me spend some serious snuggle time with A and C while watching The Lego Movie for the 345,567th time.


I’m sharing the full Mint Cookies and Cream Popcorn recipe over on My Baking Addiction so be sure to head over and check it out.

I’ll see you guys soon <3


Mint Cookies and Cream Popcorn |

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4 comments on “Mint Cookies and Cream Popcorn”

  1. What you’re not, is anything short of amazing.  Well, that, and a baby stylist, but as we both know, “That’s not a thing!!”   Love you.  🙂

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  3. Emily, I identified with this so much. I think part of the reason I second guess and doubt myself is because this is my first job where I haven’t had a supervisor to provide that feedback for me. Instead, we rely on comments, Facebook reach, and our hyper-critical selves to determine if we’re doing a good job or not. Generally, I don’t measure up to my own (impossible) standards. It’s so good to take a step back, breathe, and then look at the big picture. When I look at the long term, I can see how much I’ve accomplished and how far I’ve come. That always helps me get out of the muck of the day to day worries and anxieties. I’m so glad you shared this, and also just happy to be in this space soaking up those glorious pictures of chocolate mint goodness. Wish I had a bucketful of this stuff right now!