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salted caramel brownies

Today marks one week before my little guy turns 5. That holds a significance that is terribly difficult to ignore. I am going through all sorts of emotions – happy, excited, a bit sad, and a whole lot of desperate-to-stop-time-so-that- he-can-stay-this-way-forever. But I know in reality that he can’t stay 4 forever and that 5 will bring new and exciting times. I promise myself to look forward and embrace them. Needless to say, I will be ‘trapped in a glass case of emotion’ all week long. (Name that movie!)

I am also elbow deep in party planning and preparing for our visiting family who are traveling a long way in order to celebrate with us. There are also menus to plan, decorations to make, and pinatas to mache. I can’t wait to share party food and plans with you!

But until that time, I have a recipe to share. A rich and fudge-y brownie recipe. Something to comfort your soul. Last week, with the start of school and this birthday milestone looming, they gave me a sweet spot of peace. I hope they do the same for you.

This is my version of a salted caramel brownie. I have had salted caramel everything on the brain lately. Really, any sweet treat that has salt is fabulous in my book. Something about that salty/sweet combo that just sets my taste buds dancing – complete with spirit fingers. I can’t get enough.
The real star of these brownies, however, comes in the form of vanilla salt. I was introduced to this surprisingly versatile ingredient by Michelle at So Wonderful So Marvelous. She made these incredible chocolate covered Oreos that are finished off with a sprinkling of this magic salt. It was love at first bite. Since then, I have been sprinkling this stuff on any sweet treat I can get my hands on. It rocks. Get it? Salt…rocks?

Bad joke. Regardless, these brownies are subtly caramel-y, incredibly fudge-y, and with the addition of the vanilla salt sprinkled on top, explode with an intense chocolate flavor in your mouth that you will never want to stop eating. Trust me. Go now and comfort yourself.

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2 comments on “salted caramel brownies”

  1. Where do you buy Vanilla salt?

  2. In Toledo, you can get it at The Anderson’s or Anderson’s Market. They have it on Amazon as well. The brand I have used is Fusion, but there are several brands that make it (or so I have seen on Amazon) and in a pinch, I have made it with Sea Salt and a few drops of vanilla extract.