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Thursday in Photos

paczki fat tuesdayIt’s been a while since I’ve posted some photos and thoughts unrelated to a polished recipe. The fact is, I love sharing glimpses of my house/life/family and want to do more of it. It’s what makes me happy – sharing photos. I have been spending lots of time over on Instagram and if you are also someone who spends time there sharing visual stories and snippets, leave let me know how I can find you. I’d love to connect! Also, if you are interested in checking out some great photo prompts and projects, check out the hashtags: #imperfect366 and the #bethdillychallenge. In the mean time, here is a bit of a behind-the-scenes photo dump of the last few weeks.

Happy Thursday <3

tulipsflurriespeekworking lunchin the studiohot and sour soup coffee breakonce againcoffee love

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