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thursday thoughts

These little beauties are growing in my herb pots and are begging me to make these delicious Chive Blossom Popovers. Seriously, they need to happen before the day is over.Silicone Ice Cube Trays– best invention ever. No more smacking an ice cube tray upside down on the counter just to have shards of quickly melting ice cover every surface in sight. Is that just me? Plus they come in fun shapes, too.

I am in love with these Poached Eggs and Potato Hash from the lovely Helene  from Tartelette. I’ve made it no less then 3 times in the last week and a half. I bought more potatoes yesterday so I can make it again. You should, too.

I need to make more Quinoa Granola because we just ran out of our last batch and the troops are getting restless. I think I’ll mix up the flavors this time and am welcoming any suggestions from all of my granola peeps.

Do you ever wonder how the first people figured you could eat certain foods? Take coffee, for instance. I picture a couple of folks standing around saying, ‘No, seriously – this will totally work. We’ll take these beans, roast them, grind them up into a fine powder, pour boiling hot water over them, wait a bit, and then drink the water. It’ll be awesome.’ That’s just the way I imagine it.

And I’m so glad they figured it out. On that note, I’m off to get my first cup of the day.

Happy Thursday!

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4 comments on “thursday thoughts”

  1. Or what about the first person to eat an artichoke??

    “Hmmmm this flowery looking thing looks delicious. Let’s scrape our teeth on the leaves and eat until we get to the middle. Oh and we can totally eat that part and call it the heart.”

    • Seriously! That is so true. Really, there are some serious hoops you have to jump through with certain foods and it’s a (happy) miracle people every figured it out 🙂

  2. Thank you for the link love!! I hope you enjoy the popovers.. I too have always wondered about the first people to try something! Did you know that in the Middle Ages they thought tomatoes were poisonous?! And can you imagine the guy who discovered that they weren’t? I think I owe him a world of thanks.. Can’t imagine my life without tomatoes!!! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Haha! I ALWAYS think about how people first decided to eat certain foods! Like eggs?! Who first had the thought ‘We should definitely eat the goopy, gelatinous innards of the thing that chicken just passed!’ Like, seriously?! I also wonder how long it took people to work out how to get the best from rhubarb.

    Just off to check out that egg and potato hash! 🙂