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The kids and I made these incredibly fun waffle sammies from the Weelicious Cookbook*this week. Twice. We just swapped strawberries for the raspberries because I had a 4 pound package of strawberries from Costco that I needed to use and we also used our beloved Wow Butter in place of the peanut butter. The kids loved them, and frankly so did I. Next time: cookie butter!

We got our new fridge yesterday!  It was no small feat getting it into our house, though. We had to remove doors, weather stripping, door stops and do everything short of buttering up the door frame (although I was standing by and ready if it came to that) to get it in to the house. Boy, was it worth it. I’m planning on sharing more details of it’s awesomeness plus my determination and plans to keep it organized in an upcoming post.

I also did something that is, quite frankly, on my bucket list of life: I signed up for a workshop taught by the super talented Helene Dujardin, Tami Hardeman and Mindi Shapiro. Yes, I am shaking with excitement even as I type that. I am over the moon excited to be able to learn from these unbelievably talented and accomplished women and I can’t wait to share more details with you later on. I’m just making you wait for so many things, aren’t I? I’m sorry about that. Can I offer you a cookie?

Speaking of cookies, I made the best chocolate chip cookies on Monday. The baby asked if we could whip up a batch of chocolate chippers and I thought, sure, why not? I’m having success with my Weight Watchers, so it would be fun to have a few cookies around the house – you know, to celebrate and all. Well, let me tell you – these cookies from Alice at Savory Sweet Life are SO good, I may have sabotaged all of my hard work by eating them two at a time. I think it was worth it. We’ll see how I feel on Monday with the weigh in. But seriously, you need to make these cookies. Alice is not joking when she says they’re the Best ever. Because they totally are.

And if you are like me and are having a hard time thinking of things to keep your kiddos (or maybe just yourself!) busy this summer, try making a summer bucket list or as we called ours: Summer Fun List. I got the idea from the lovely Kristen at Dine and Dish. She had made one with her kiddos and it struck me as such a great idea. Then I found out my friend Michelle from So Wonderful So Marvelous had made one, too! And Michelle even turned hers into a scrapbook style list. Awesomesauce. Here is a little peek at ours (as you can tell, the Baby and the Buddy did all the work 🙂

What are your plans for summer? Happy Thursday!

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