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happy valentine’s day

Red Velvet No Bake Cheesecake-0608

Happy Valentine’s Day! No matter what you do or when you celebrate, I hope you all have a fantastically happy weekend!

I spoke a bit about my Valentine’s thoughts on Monday when I shared my Red Velvet No-Bake Cheesecakes, but in case you are a total procrastinator like I am, I wanted to share just a couple more quick Valentine’s Ideas.

Just in case!


Love Potion Cocktail

strawberry milk (4 of 8)

Strawberry Milk (for the kiddos)


3G cocktail (gin, ginger + st. germain)


Coffee Granita

And here are a few fabulous recipes from some of my favorite bloggers:

Boozy Affogato 3

Quick, decadent and boozy Easy Affogato from Maria at Pink Patisserie


Gorgeous French 75 Cocktail from Heidi at Foodie Crush


Strawberry Rice Krispie Treats from Jamie at My Baking Addiction


You are a Fox Marshmallow Pops by Maeghan at the Decorated Cookie. Maeghan makes the most amazing marshmallow pops that simply make you smile!

I hope you have a fabulous Valentine’s Day weekend!


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One comment on “happy valentine’s day”

  1. Great line-up. Thanks!