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I hope you all had a blessed and happy Easter! Now that Easter is over, I am really feeling the need to increase the variety of my veggie recipes in preparation for our weekly CSA baskets which will start in June. I can’t tell you how excited I am to be participating this year! I am really looking forward to swimming in all sorts of interesting veggies. Oh, the possibilities.

In order to get ready for our CSA baskets, I have been looking into different ways to cook and prepare certain vegetables that I don’t necessarily use on a regular basis. Because we will get and have to use whatever is in the basket for the week (don’t get me wrong, I am jazzed for that challenge) I thought it would be good to have a few new ideas ready.

Today, I wanted to share my experience and method for making Kale Chips. Now, kale is not typically one of my favorite greens. I know people go crazy over it, but for me, it’s usually just…meh. Not all that thrilling. BUT! (Notice the size of that ‘but’. And writing that just made me giggle, so I’ll just move on) When I started seeing kale chips flying around the old internets, it seemed like a good thing to try. Make not-so-stellar kale (my apologies to all you kale lovers) into something that tastes like a salty chip? Yes, please!

It turns out these are incredibly easy to make and (wait for it….) unBELIEVably tasty. Seriously. They lost the bitterness that I don’t love about kale and instead picked up an airy, delicate and salty (what can I say? I’m a serious salter) flavor that had me hammering these into my mouth standing over the stove. I wish I was kidding.

Anyway, I’m putting these Kale Chips into the ‘keeper’ column of new CSA recipe ideas.

So, if you’re interested in expanding your kale horizons or creating a new one all together, head on over to Food Fanatic for my crispy and addictive Kale Chips Recipe.

Happy Monday!

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