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meringue nests with basil scented strawberry-rhubarb compote

Spring, Spring, SPRIIINNNGG!

You are so lucky that you didn’t actually hear me sing that. Singing is not one of my strengths, although I indulge in some serious kitchen rock outs on occasion, which are usually met with with my three year old looking at me with pity in her eyes and saying ‘Mommy…I don’t like that’.

Tough crowd.

Luckily, my gang of singing critics are most complimentary when I make them treats. So, I guess I should just stick with that.

Take for instance these lovely meringues.   My family loved them. From the light, airy and crispy meringue nests, to the sweet and syrupy basil scented strawberry-rhubarb compote finished off with a cloud of fluffy whipped cream. They loved it all.

Whipped cream makes everything better.

I infused the strawberry-rhubarb compote with basil to continue my baking with herbs kick and further cement my stance that herbs are crazy versatile. I love, love, love working with herbs and finding new and interesting ways to slip them into my family’s food.

Back to the Spring thing (sans song). I’m not sure if there is a combination that seems more Spring-ish than strawberry + rhubarb. They’re a match made in sugary heaven.

In addition to the seasonal flavors going on in this delicate dessert, it also has a wonderfully light quality that won’t weigh you down after a perfect Spring meal. You know, so you can break out into song and dance in the comfort of your regular pair of pants. No need to change into the sweats after this dessert. Unless you are already in your sweats, and in that case you won’t get any judgement from me.


This time of year is all about having your sweets, but not feeling like you just ate all the sweets. Know what I’m saying?

Be sure to head on over to My Baking Addiction to get the recipe for my Meringue Nests with Basil Scented Strawberry-Rhubarb Compote.

Happy Thursday!!

***Update*** As per my new and healthier approach to eating, I figured out the Watchers Points Plus for these Meringue Nests. As the recipe reads on My Baking Addiction, this entire dessert (per serving) is 5 WW points+. Totally respectable. If you want to cut down even further, skip the whipped cream and use 2 tablespoons of Fat Free Cool Whip per nest, instead, and the points drop to 3 WW points+ per serving. Yay!


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4 comments on “meringue nests with basil scented strawberry-rhubarb compote”

  1. Perfect spring dessert! And I love the combo with strawberries and rhubarb!

  2. This is absolutely gorgeous!! I will definitely be headed over to see the recipe. I love the combination of strawberries and rhubarb. Oh, and yes,… Whipped cream DOES make everything better!

    • Thanks, Kate!! It’s amazing what you can do with whipped cream! I almost flavored it, but with all of the flavors in the compote, I figured it didn’t need it.